Local Participation


DRONI implements various activities based on the interests of members. While being member you can get involved in diverse projects every week – starting from graffiti, finishing with creating maps. Get more insight about our projects on our blog on this website. If you are interested in becoming a member, write to  once you are certain on becoming a member, fill out the application form. Please mind, that we only open the call on certain periods.



Once a member, you will be given a various opportunities to learn how to design and implement youth projects. You will get a hands-on and learning-by-doing experience with the support of the staff to put your ideas into action. Most of our educational activities are dedicated to youth development and empowerment. Get to know and work together together with other Georgian and International volunteers.



DRONI works on the policy level, with it’s efforts to advocate young people on make their voices be heard more effectively through participation. We believe that young people should be part of the decisions that are made for them. One of our long-term project is directly connected to this topic – “Triangle of Cooperation” aims to create good practices of youth participation on the local level.

Empowering Young Minds


The organisation functions in a way that provides capacities, connections and challenges to the young people. Together we create and implement activities for the society and then reflect on learning. Youth Association DRONI works on different levels of youth policy – youth work, supporting youth initiatives, consulting and structured dialogue. We offer programmes for young people, youth workers and professionals working with young people, activists, project managers, trainers, youth policy-makers and practitioners. Our methodology is based on non-formal education and informal learning. 

Interested in seeing what other programs we have to offer? Stop by today and see what we’re all about.