Meet the Team


Head of Droni

Giorgi is the head of the organization as well as international project coordinator and trainer.

Nini Khuchua

Social Media Management

Nini provides various reports and newsletters. She is responsible for the social network management as well.

Avtandil Vardiashvili

ESC Hosting Coordinator

Avtandil is responsible for the coordination of ESC volunteers during their projects in Georgia.

Mariam Raphava

ESC Sending coordinator

Mariam is implementing pre-departure training for volunteers, explains the program and helps with the logistics.

Archil Tsulaia

Project Coordinator

Archil is responsible for maintaining project documentation, assigning tasks and managing project budget.

Ucha Burduli

Outdoor Education

Ucha is an international project coordinator and runs the Outdoor Education direction at Droni.

International Volunteers

Marlene Böhm

Project writing

Marlene is 18 years old and comes from Germany. She supports the team with the website and project writing.

Daniil Gorbatsov

Graphic Design

Daniil comes from Estonia and is 20 years old. He helps Droni with visuals, video editing and graphic design.

Diego Franceschi

Graphic Design

Diego comes from Italy and loves Graphic Design. He doesn’t only do this, but also implements different projects at Droni.

Isabella Paris

Project Management

Isabella comes from the beautiful Northern part of Italy. She helps Droni with different projects, e.g. the Library Project in Zugdidi.